Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview Customer Quality Focus

Interview Customer Quality Focus

1. What does good customer service involve?
2. Have you ever worked with an irate customer? What did you do?
3. What are the steps involved in successfully handling an irate customer?
Tell us about how you have handled a dissatisfied customer in the past.
Tell us about your experience in dealing with the public.
Give us an example of a situation you handled with superior customer service.
Tell us about a situation in which you dealt with a customer and what you would have done

8. How would you handle a customer who used abusive language?
9. Tell us about your experience in working a customer service counter.


Name two criteria essential to establishing effective service standards.
What are some of the ways to measure customer/user satisfaction?
What steps can you take to establish a "customer first" attitude in the organization?
If you wanted to improve the service that you provide to your customers, what would you do first?
What efforts have you made in your job to improve the level of customer satisfaction?


1. Define diversity.
2. Tell us about a situation in which you were required to work with diverse groups of people within
your organization?
3. What was the most important step that you took to work effectively with diverse people?
4. To what extent have your assignments required interface with diverse population?
5. In what kinds of situations do you find it most difficult to deal with people of varying interest or
different background?
6. To what extent have you worked in an ethnically, socio-economically, and/or culturally diverse
7. Tell us about your experience in dealing with a variety of different people.


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