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Akash Tablet, UBI SLATE

 Akash Tablet, UBI SLATE Virtual Reference, Library Services
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1. Introduction
Technological developments have affected not only the format and sources of the information, libraries used for providing various services, but also the place for providing user oriented service. Libraries and their resources have partially moved to the virtual world of the Internet. As a result, library patrons can access our resources from outside the hysical library. In an effort to reach patrons accessing the library via their computers, many
libraries and library consortia are extending theirservice to include virtual reference. Technology now allows users to submit their queries to the library at any time from any place in the world. Virtualreference is responsive to the patrons’ need forconvenient access to reference service. Library services are becoming more mobile as technology allows librarians to expand service points and outreach opportunities. Like many techno-saturated
librarians, the authors looked forward to Govt. of India’s release of the Akash in October 2011.Virtual reference is reference service initiated electronically where patrons employ computers orother technology to communicate with public services staff without being physically present.Communication channels used frequently in virtualreference include chat, videoconferencing, Voiceover-IP, co-browsing, e-mail, and instantmessaging.
The present generation of students is comfortable with the modern technologies. They prefer the latest trends in aids and tools of teaching and learning.The tablet computer used in libraries will be a well come step for the changing trends of the library.The technological revolution occurring in libraries and we can easily see a natural progression to using
tablet Pc in college libraries as well as other electronic digital reading gadget transforming in to a normal part of the library experience. In the present scenario drastic change in education curricula and the global demand of user oriented
services Indian college libraries should also go for
the change in their services. The UGC-INFLIBNET
and MHRD has taken various steps for providing
8th Convention PLANNER-2012

Akash Tablet: A Scope for Virtual Service in College ... 8th Convention PLANNER 2012
digital and virtual service enabled infrastructure
in their XI plan and hope for more development in
next five year plan. The AKASH tablet PC launched
by MHRD can be used as a the very bold steps for
providing virtual service for educational


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